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David’s Charity Project: His diagnosis of advanced cancer impacted in every area of his life – physical health, mental health, financial and social.  He was used to working full time and enjoyed all the social interaction, challenges and rewards that work brings.  When that was removed in such a sudden way his self-confidence, self-belief and what he perceived as his value to the world diminished.

David’s positive mental attitude was dented and it seemed to him that he had gone from being useful to useless in the course of one diagnosis. It is from this experience that ASTRiiD was born.

Astriid is: matching individuals with skills to businesses that need those skills to grow and prosper.

News Library:

Apr 18:  ASTRiiD receives award as Recruiter Awards ‘Charity of the Year’ with a staggering 40% of the public vote. ASTRiiD will benefit from activities and donations from Recruiter Awards 2018   Click Here for more info

Mar 18:  The first formal ASTRiiD board meeting was chaired by David.  Also attending were Mike Anderson,

Devesh Chaturvedi, Mike Clark, James Farmer, WaiFong Lai, Ken Morrison, Steve Shutts and Geoff Stillwell.

Feb 18: David spoke to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) at the launch

of its new guide on ‘Supporting Employees Affected by Cancer’

Read ECNI’s 10 Good Practice Steps: Click Here

Read article in Northern Ireland Business First On Line Click Here

Jan 18:  Altran UK, the world leader in Engineering and R&D services, becomes an ASTRiiD Partner.  UK CEO says: "Altran UK is delighted to support this inspiring concept. It would be a great shame for companies to miss out on the valuable skills and expertise offered by this 'invisible talent pool' – I heartily encourage other organisations to follow our lead and enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with ASTRiiD."

Jan 18:  ASTRiiD received full charity status 12 Jan 18.

Jan 18:  David appears on  BBC Radio Lincolnshire. (Interview at 2hr:52min) Click Here

Dec 17:  David features in BBC News article.  Click Here

Dec 17:  David has a meeting in Downing St with the the Prime Minister’s Special Advisor for Business.>>>>>

Nov 17:  To see a Diginomica press article about ASTRiiD, Click Here

Sep 17:  To see a video featuring David talking about the inception of ASTRiiD, please Click Here.

Sep 17:  ASTRiiD launched 5 September 2017

ASTRiiD is a charity (Reg No:1176645) aimed at helping people whose lives are affected by chronic, long term illness and who feel that they no longer have a chance for work as they are unable to commit to a full time or even a regular part time role due to the impact of their medical condition.

Yet there are businesses of all sizes, sectors and geographies across the UK that require access to skills in order to grow and prosper.  If we are to unlock the potential of the UK workforce in order to grow our economy then we must not ignore that huge number of people who still have so much to offer but are discounted due to a medical condition.

The answer therefore is ASTRiiD: ‘Available Skills to Train, Refresh, Improve, Innovate & Develop’, At the heart of the organisation is the ASTRiiD software tool, developed and built by Salesforce, which will match businesses with individuals. The cadre of individuals is known as the ‘Invisible Talent Pool’, as up to now they have been invisible to businesses and the businesses needing talent have been invisible to them; built with the aim of ‘Making the Invisible - Visible’.

10 May 2018:  David featured in a news article on ASTRiiD on the BBC1 Breakfast programme.

Please Click Here for a Link to the Interview