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David’s Book: In 2002 David bought a house in the Dordogne region of  France.  His dream was like that of so many others – buy a house and eventually retire to France to concentrate on house improvement, growing fruit and vegetables, exploring local vineyards, keeping chickens and finally getting round to writing that novel.

Not everything worked out as planned and the house was sold in 2012.  However, there was enough experience of the area and the people within it to provide the inspiration for his first novel, A French Affair.

A French Affair is set in the Dordogne in the early noughties.  It follows the adventures of two couples – one that had been there a while and were living their dream and the second, the new arrivals, embarking on their own adventure.

However, the dreams become nightmares and the commune’s very English inhabitants pollute the French countryside and its traditions.  Long-standing tensions, avarice and an all-consuming desire for revenge are fuelled by too much red wine.  Vengeful plans are hatched, wreaking havoc on the entire community.

A French Affair was published by WetZEBRA.  Hard copies are no longer available however, a Kindle Edition of the book is still available Please click here to purchase


Amazon Customers:

A fantastic read. Full of genuine characters living their 'life abroad'. The plot is fast paced with many interconnected relationships and egos to be pandered or undermined. Written with great humour and observation, you are left believing that this was based something close to real life. Highly recommended!

A great, compelling read by an extraordinary writer. You are drawn into the characters from page one and cannot fail to live their adventures with them.

This book is a clever observation of the life and behaviour of British expats living in the Dordogne. The sections of the book about the local area are truly authentic and less frenetic in writing style, giving the book a clever balance. The main characters are funny, believable and above all very British. There are some funny and some poignant moments to indulge in. This could be your summer holiday reading, easily digested with a glass or two of red wine!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read! The story had me intrigued from the start and moves on a pace to a suspenseful finale. The characters are portrayed with understanding and humour and their fluctuating relationships keep the pages turning. I was sorry to leave them behind and would love to know what happens to them next.